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We understand the challenges faced by telecom companies and help them by offering comprehensive portfolio of solutions to meet the challenges in highly competitive market. Temporary Worker Reservation System – Temporary Worker Reservation System

This project includes both a design and database development of a web based system targeted to people that want to hire temporary workers and people who want to become temporary workers. The web based system displays articles and RSS feeds related to the industry as well.

Search: Registered users can search and hire alike the workers of their choice through this website. The extensive search feature of this web based system allows people to search for employers of a particular industry, or the workers of a particular profession.

Rating: This web based system also has a rating system, that allows employers and employees, alike, to rate how they feel the other is. This functionality is visible with any profile viewing by any registered user. The rating system is able have a single field to rate (general) or has options to add additional fields to be rated without altering previous entries. The rate system is oriented by date.  

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 Community based Website with E-Commerce

Developed by ESOLPK, TryIt4Less web application is a community group like buying club that leverages the quantity of members to obtain discounts, savings and special offers from Retailers, Service Providers and Dining Establishments that are passed along to many Members.

TryIt4Less is different from other Coupon and Discount websites because their goal is to bring unique Incentives to their members.  Tryit4Less staff has also implemented a feedback process where they can capture new and creative ideas directly from members to help find and create new incentives based on their members input. There isn’t a fee to join or become a member and the ‘Tryit4Less’ team is responsible for securing ‘FirstTime’ incentives from vendors that are passed along to members. Each member can search and select an incentive as they would purchase anything else on online.  Incentives may only be used once per member provided that the Vendor registers the incentive.  It is up-to the Vendor as to whether they will allow the same member to use a specific incentive. There are 3 available contexts for users:

  1. Non Logged in (public)
  2. Member Logged in
  3. Vendor Logged in also provides reward points for members and vendors that use the system.  The reward points are redeemable for merchandise.  The merchandise will be mostly marketing items like logos, hats, shirts and other stuff.  The purpose of the merchandise is to further promote the website as well as reward members for their participation.

For further details about the project please visit

  Web based mobile application for ClickOVA

We provided extensive IT services to one of the leading USA based online companies ClickOVA LLC. We have developed a comprehensive web application for mobile phones and provided a new website with payment, admin control and scalability features. With the usage of this application, users get the best and most convenient solution to manage mobile media from the snap to the sharing, editing and printing on the web.

With usage of this application, user can backup the mobile phone contacts automatically, transfer pictures/videos to the internet, and share them with other people via Email, SMS, and RSS. All pictures and videos uploaded are accessible on any mobile phone via a personalized WAP page and on any computer via a private account on the website.

The admin area of this application includes user management section, password recovery mechanism, customer management section, stores management section, store templates management section, orders management section and dynamic content management. The public area mainly includes sign up/login form, editing panel, organize page, pictures uploading feature, shopping cart, dynamic content pages and password recovery.

For further details about the project please visit
  Dating Coaching Website
Dating Coaching Website

Dating coaching is a structured, personalized process that inspires people to maximize their personal dating potential. The developed website is for International Dating Coach Association. This website has extensive membership capabilities. Some of the important features of the website include search functionality, Registration, testing, Dating Coach Certification, Video Streaming and Conferencing

About IDCA: IDCA helps people find success in the difficult world of meeting and dating. They have dating coaches and image consultants to provide people with the best advice available on meeting, dating and style. All of their Coaches are certified and have been trained in human psychology, dating behavior and coaching. 

Formed in 2003, the IDCA is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the dating coaching profession by setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches. It supports and advances the profession through programs and standards supported by our members and through a strong Code of Ethics. As a result, the IDCA has become an authoritative source on coaching information and research for the public.

For more details of this project, visit the website

  User Information Management Module for MBL

It's a User Information Management Module which stores the information of clients. The main task is to design the GUI, Database and perform the coding. This module will provide the detail information of storing of the clients in a database. The module will create access information for any customer, modify access information for any customer, view access information for any customer, delete access information for any customer, generate reports of access information for any customer & verify the access information for any customer.

  Telecommunication Services Web Solutions for Universal Service Fund
Telecommunication services website

USFCo is playing an important role in promoting the development of telecommunication services in un-served and under-served areas of Pakistan. Its current priority is to improve the Broadband penetration in the country and to bring significant advances towards enhancement of e-services, both in rural as well as urban areas of the country.

Universal Service Fund Company (USFCo) approached ESOLPK for various web development solutions. Their website has been developed by ESOLPK and includes features like photo gallery, extensive search, recent news, etc. It provides information on mobiles, telecommunications products, the service providers, the GSM, CDMA & WLL market, 3G Spectrum news, telecom industry archives, new inventions ahead of GPRS and latest news. ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000 are main technologies used in deployment of this website.

For more details of this project, visit the website

  Content website for Pyramid Communications
Content website for customers

Pyramid Communication Inc established in 1998 is a Mclean, Virginia based company. The major areas of operations are in the field of Telecommunication and IT services.

We have developed their content website that gives detailed information regarding Pyramid communication’s operations and the services they are providing to their customers.

For more details of this project, visit the website

  Technology Data Services
Website development

We have delivered quality services to TDS for their need of an online presence. TDS provides state-of-the-art Data Management Services to clients in North America, United Kingdom and South Asia, specializing in Medical & General Transcription and Data Processing services. They now portray their services and offerings in a better way through this website.

  IT Services for TheraSim

TheraSim Inc. is a US based healthcare IT solution provider. We, at ESOLPK, are working successfully with TheraSim Group and providing various types of services to them.

They have awarded a contract to develop, edit and launch an html based medical book. The editing of this book is done using QuarkXpress. Our team from creative department worked effortlessly and up to the client’s expectation that is appreciated as well.

Moreover, we have outsourced a team of different professionals to TheraSim to help them in making their processes more efficient. The provided resources work with TheraSim as part of their organization and provide excellent services.

Professionals are from different domains like: 

  • Team of Doctors
  • Pharmacologists
  • Web developers
  • Admin resources

Because of our excellent services, we are getting repeat business and nice feedbacks from our client.  

  Personalized portal system for Advisor Group
Personalized portal system

Advisor Group is a company providing websites to over 900 firms. They are also providing proprietary content for those websites. They wanted to develop a personalized portal system so that their customers’ clients can log in to view and configure various content sources (RSS), and reflect their customers’ branding.

ESOLPK was selected to develop this portal website for Advisor Group and we made a comprehensive application to meet every need of client. This was a .Net (Front end) SQL Server (Back end) application.

  Email Marketing Software
Marketing Software

ESOLPK has provided numerous IT services to the NewYork based travel firm named A&J Marketing.

SQL Email Marketing is one of these products. It’s an email marketing system for
rapid sending of large lists. It consists of composing marketing campaign, query builder, fully automated subscribe/unsubscribe feature, hard and soft bounce database write back, automated opened email tracking and real time email response. This system has unlimited personalization, advanced email segmentation, automatic write back for bounces, SMTP authentication, mail server support and ODBC database support.

  • Create, Save and Count Queries
  • Advanced Email Segmentation
  • Write Back Capability
  • Filter Data
  • Upload / Download
  • Create Lists
  • Add Categories
  • Standardized Data
  • Reports
  • Search
  • Web Based Interface
  • SMTP authentication
  • Unlimited Personalization
  • Reports & Search
  • Mail Server Support
  Training Assessment Application
Web Application

We have designed and developed the online training website for our client where users will be registered for online training tests. The website has several training videos and tutorials and provides textual training and assessment of the training. Only members of the website are able to access these videos and tutorials.

It has administrators, sub administrators and users features for login. There are levels of logins determining what the user can do. This website has a secure admin panel and only the admin has the authority to change / update the content. Members of the website will also be allowed to give online tests after going through several training tutorials.

It has additional features like emailing results on a regular basis to point personnel at the business so they are up to date with the user progression through the training course s. After receiving the results, users can also retake the test if they wish to. A counter keeps track of the number of times a user takes the test and the scores can also be tracked.



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"Care international would like to thank ESOLPK for rendering its services for the development of our official website. The quality of service and the final product deserves much appreciation. We look forward towards working together in partnership with you in our future endeavorse..."

Atfah Pervez-Program Officer
Program Officer
CARE International, Pakistan

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