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Utilizing IT in the NGO and non-profit organizations sector level brings transparency in the system. ESOLPK solutions for this specific domain have been specifically designed to suit the requirements of various key NGO and non-profit organizations functions. Below are the projects that we have conducted successfully in this sector.


  Project Monitoring and Control System for SPO (Strengthening Participatory Organization)

SPO required a monitoring and control solution for their different projects across all the regions of Pakistan.

ESOLPK developed this solution for SPO to control and monitor their projects. Having tools to monitor all the Activities, Budget Allocation, Risk Analysis, various useful reports and lot more, SPO is able to be more efficient in current projects and future forecasting. This solution has initially been developed for a 4 year project. This was a major project designed for 8 different regions of the country having one National Centre (Islamabad).

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About SPO:

SPO is a national civil society organization. Their mission is to strengthen and support community organizations and public interest institutions of Pakistan for the benefit of poor and disadvantaged sections of society for sustainable development through a participatory approach. SPO’s area of activities is spread across Pakistan covering four provinces and more than 60 districts.

More details about Client Company can be found at:

  UNDP - Leave Management System Development in SharePoint Technology
UNDP - Leave Management System Development in SharePoint Technology

ESOLPK has designed and developed an LMS (Leave Management System) for UNDP. UNDP was facing issues as their existing system was not capable to extend and integrate with other existing system. The system was also in a very old technology platform which could not be extend or integrate with any other system. They were also facing problem with data flow of existing system.

ESOLPK proposed a solution of Leave Management System to UNDP in MS SharePoint technology. This solution has been successfully deployed.

This application has a complete Administration Module, Employees Module, Leave Module and various types of reporting capabilities.

  • The Administration module can manage sections, leave type, official holidays, carry forward, carry forward date, appointments, leave balance and leave plan.
  • The Employees Module enables the employees to update their profile, data, and send leave application. Upon submission approval request will be emailed to supervisor. Employee can also cancel/edit the leave.
  • The Leave module has the capability of applying for leave, supervisor leaves approval, pending leaves, leave revision, back date leave apply and leave cancellation.

This application also was integrated to existing RFID based Attendance System and also has Back-Date Monitoring.

  District Health Information System for JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is an independent governmental agency that coordinates official development assistance (ODA) for the government of Japan. It was established on August 1974, when it took over the functions of the Overseas Technical Cooperation Agency (OCTA), the Asia Association and some other organizations. These predecessor agencies were responsible for Japan's international cooperation.

ESOLPK is proud to provide IT services to JICA. We have provided a team for development work on the District Health Information System Project. The main development feature will include Evidence‐Based Decision‐Making and Management. ESOLPK provided a comprehensive team under the guidance of project manager and team lead to JICA to work on on-going basis on their project.

  W3P (Women Political Participation Project) for UNDP
W3P (Women Political Participation Project) for UNDP

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) selected ESOLPK for the development of a web portal for W3P (Women Political Participation Project), a division jointly working under Ministry of Women Development and UNDP.

The project relates to the development of a database driven website to facilitate 40,000 elected women councilors in Pakistan. ESOLPK was assigned to accomplish collecting the data of all the 40,000 women councilors and compiling them and then putting them over the website’s database.

This website gives the details of all the councilors and offers maximum search criteria’s.  The site has many useful modules to facilitate the women councilors such as discussion forum, promotion of local handicrafts, articles etc.

The technology utilized for the implementation of this project is ASP.NET with MS SQL Server.

  Financials, HR, Payroll and Retail Management System for United States Employees Association (USEA)
Financials, HR, Payroll and Retail Management System for United States Employees Association (USEA)

The United States Employees Association is a prestigious Club that caters the foreigners/diplomatic community in the federal capital and in all major cities of Pakistan.

USEA was facing serious problems in managing financials, Assets management, human resource management, Supply Chain management and Member Information management. The USEA administration was not getting optimized and clear picture for works detail in progress, budgeted expenditures, contracted expenditure, scheduled date of expenditure and the committed financial amount report that may help USEA administration and top management in efficient decision.

For this purpose, they approached various solution providers of SAP, Oracle Financial and Microsoft Great Plains in Pakistan. After undergoing an extremely competitive selection process, ESOLPK GROUP has been selected to do this automation project on the Microsoft Great Plains platform and technology. ESOLPK has been awarded this contract for IT solutions and services for American Club on the basis of its past excellent track record and history of 10 years.

The solution, that we have provided, can manage USEA routine tasks smoothly. In addition, our system can generate extensive reporting that may roll fast USEA administration and top management decisions in an efficient and realistic way.

The solution by ESOLPK includes supply/ implementation of Financials, HR & Payroll and Retail Management System of at 7 locations in Pakistan. This will facilitate USEA administration in efficient handling of Member Information Management System, Financials, Asset management, Supply Management System, Human Resources and Payroll. The Microsoft Dynamics solution embedded with extensive and efficient reporting system will deliver reports to USEA top management regarding Asset management, Cash Management, Supply Chain, Human Resources and Payroll.

  Care International

Care International is an international NGO operating in 70 countries around the world. The Pakistan office of CARE international was formally set up in June 2005. They commence operations in Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab on different projects such as women’s health and water sanitation etc.

ESOLPK provided CARE International Pakistan with high quality IT services for a strong online presence portraying their main objectives and services across the nation.

For further details about the project, please visit

  USAID - Foreign Relations Committee
USAID - Foreign Relations Committee

ESOLPK developed this solution for the standing committee on foreign affairs. This website provides information about the organization and structure of its committee. Besides this, it also includes sections such as members area, media centre documents, FAQ’s, picture gallery and dynamic functions like feedback forms and search functionality. The website provides easy content administration features like add, edit and delete and modification through a user friendly Content Management System (CMS).

For further details, please visit
  USAID - Standing committee on Education and Science & Technology
USAID -	Standing committee on Education and Science & Technology

ESOLPK developed this website for the Standing committee on Education, Science and Technology. This website provides information about the organization and structure of it’s committee. It also includes sections like members area, media centre, downloads area, picture gallery and advanced search functionality.

The website has a user friendly navigation and a secure admin panel, alongwith easy-to-use content management system.

  USAID - Public Accounts Committee
USAID -	Public Accounts Committee

The Public Accounts Committee examines the accounts showing the appropriation of sums granted by the Assembly for the expenditure of the Government, the annual finance accounts of the Government, the report of the Auditor-General of Pakistan and such other matters as the Minister for Finance may refer to it.

ESOLPK provided services for complete design and development of Public Accounts Committee website for USAID with Content Management System.

  USAID - Senate Defence Committee
USAID - Senate Defence Committee

This Standing Committee on Defence and Defence Production was reconstituted in March 2006. The 12-member Committee has four members from the opposition and the rest from the ruling party and its coalition partners. The project includes design and development of website with Content Management System for Defence committee to keep the people of Pakistan informed about Senate Defence Committee operations.

For more details about the project, please vsit:

  Online presence for Hanns Seidel Foundation
Online presence for Hanns Seidel Foundation

Hanns Seidel Foundation operates as an international non-profit organization. They needed to have a web presence for its division in Pakistan.

To better reflect the mission of Hanns Seidel Foundation ESOLPK offered its services for comprehensive website development having static and dynamic functions. ESOLPK thoroughly studied and analyzed the current business processes, procedures and existing situation. The website was deployed using latest web technologies such as .NET platform and SQL Server. While building the required solution infrastructure, ESOLPK made sure that it would be a cost effective, scalable and reliable high security system.

For further details about the project, please visit the website:

  United Nations Development Programme
Dynamic website development

UNDP has a presence and an unrivalled track-record in supporting national development efforts in more than 160 countries. The UN in Pakistan combines all UN agencies’ strengths to increase efficiency and support to Government, donors and implementing partners for effective and cohesive contribution towards humanitarian assistance and human development.

ESOLPK provided high quality IT services to better reflect the mission and vision of UN Pakistan through an online presence. The design and development of a dynamic website were included in the project with features like media gallery, extensive search and a content management system. The technology used in development was PHP, whereas database used was MYSQL.

For further details, please visit
  4Pictures - Online Photo Store
4Pictures - Online Photo Store

CARE Netherlands has been responding with humanitarian aid and supplies to an unusual number of simultaneous, mostly weather-related emergencies around the world. They approached us for their IT needs for their website, that offers top quality professional photos of developing countries and development aid.

The client required an Online photo store, where photos can be priced at a fixed price or individual different prices. We incorporated the registration feature of photographers so that the photographers have platform to register, manage their profiles and upload their photos. In addition, a CMS was developed so that the photographers are able to customize their photos as and when desired. Visitors can register as a free member to use all website facilities and to be able to purchase photos.

  UNDP - Portal in SharePoint Technology
UNDP Portal

ESOLPK has developed a fully functional portal for UNDP - an important partner of the Government of Pakistan for achieving national development goals and international commitments. Through this portal, user can access different application through a single platform. This portal provides an integrated platform to manage intranet, extranet, and Internet applications across the UNDP organization.

This portal has following features:

  1. Document Management has been enhanced to incorporate the user documents as well as the departments documents. Users can check-out/check-in documents, create directories and manage documents in these directories. User can also share the documents with other users.
  2. This portal has been configured to Microsoft Exchange Server for emails, events calendar and documents. All documents related to a particular user can be mapped to Web Outlook.
  3. Parent portal theme and child portal theme (at department level) can be changed easily.
  4. Useful resources section contains documents and links that a user can easily share.
  5. Minutes and Circulars can be managed by the Administrator of the website in the CMS panel. When user clicks on any category, system shows list of Minutes and Circulars with respect to dates.
  6. Administrator can post monthly polls and this poll will be available on the public site. When a particular user selects any option from a given poll, then he/she is able to see the poll’s results in graphical format.
  7. Greeting and News Alerts are shown on the public side of portal. System shows links of CNN, BBC and Google for news and displays news through the RSS feeds.
  8. Discussion Board is available on public site.
  9. Picture / Video Gallery and Events Calendar are available on the public side of portal, which are managed by the Administrator.
  10. Daily Horoscope is available through different websites throyugh the RSS Feeds from 3rd party websites.
  11. User can post question/queries to different experts, and these experts will answer these queries on the portal.
  12. There is a separate portal for each department. The administrator can manage contents, documents, discussion board and image/video gallery for this department. Administrator can also share different resources for other departments.
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  International Labour Organization (ILO)

ILO (International Labor Office) is an agency of the United Nations. Its stated objectives are to improve labor conditions, promote productive employment and social progress, and raise living standards worldwide.

ILO was looking to partner with a company to re-design its current website, making information clear and effective to government, UN agencies, Communities, Researchers & analyst. The re-design of website would mainly focus on photo gallery & video gallery. For this reason, they approached ESOLPK for technology solutions.

Following are the project objectives:

  • Adding photo & video gallery to the website of ILO
  • Making information clear & effective
  • Re-Design of some pages of websites fulfilling ILO's needs
  • Making it attractive for viewers.

ESOLPK has successfully delivered quality services to ILO. For further information, please visit


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"Care international would like to thank ESOLPK for rendering its services for the development of our official website. The quality of service and the final product deserves much appreciation. We look forward towards working together in partnership with you in our future endeavorse..."

Atfah Pervez-Program Officer
Program Officer
CARE International, Pakistan

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