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Successful management of a non-profit organization/NGO requires providing high-quality service, but at the same time, careful administration of expenses and improving processes are ongoing requirements.  View our Portfolio for NGO Pakistan Sector
Each type of non-profit organization/NGO has unique needs. For example:
  • Social service and government agencies require meticulous reporting practices, essential for meeting regulatory compliance and securing future funding.
  • Professional and trade associations are tasked with managing business events as well as maintaining education and certification records.
  • Civic, fraternal and religious organizations have complex membership relationship issues and vital fundraising projects.
IT Challenges:
  • ESOLPK offers a wide range of fully customizable products and solutions for ever growing needs of non-profit organizations and NGO Pakistan.
  • Access to accurate budget-to-actual expenditures is not available in real time, hindering decision-making capabilities
  • Inability to integrate documents and workflow processes creates inefficiencies in recording protocols and non-financial activities
  • Limited access to critical information from remote or field locations
  • Inability to connect the constituents, the non-profits serve to their case information
  • Rationalizing technology investments versus spending on mission activities
  • Managing and reporting on grant activities
  • Justifying the efficiency of expenditures to funding sources to maintain future revenue streams
  • Field systems are not integrated with billing systems
ESOLPK offers a wide range of fully customizable products and solutions for ever growing needs of non-profit organizations and NGOs. Our non-profit solutions have been built solely to tackle the challenges faced by non-profits while improving efficiency and managing all aspects of these organizations, some of which are Infrastructure, Financials, HR, and Communication. Our solutions are not just limited to these offerings and can be created from scratch to suit your organization's specific requirements. Please contact us for details and demonstrations.
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Our Products and Solutions for Non-Profits and NGOs:

Our fully customized intranet web portal is a common workflow and collaboration platform for its geographically dispersed users. This platform would automate workflows for creating, sharing and finding information easily so that research and other materials can be accessed consistently and efficiently. This can help organizations that rely on manual, paper based business processes and workflows and have an IT infrastructure which consists of shared networks and emails but not being able to support the needs such as different versioning of documents, forms, policies and audit for compliance, and reporting needs of a medium to large scale non-profit organization. This portal provides an integrated platform to manage intranet, extranet, and Internet applications across the organization.


 Document Management

Efficient document management, version control integrated with ease of search to find the required information.


Automated document review, transmitting and tracking of documents for approval using workflows


Keep an archive/historical repository of all the documents, readily accessed by the users

 Complaint generation/Opinion polls/Surveys

Easily manage user complaints and conduct opinion polls and surveys essential for campaigns

 Exchange Server Outlook integration

Portal will be configured to Microsoft exchange server for emails, events calendar and documents. All documents related to a particular user can be mapped to web Outlook

 Media sharing

Upload pictures/videos of categories/events

 Improved speed and convenience of publishing of information

 Reduced IT support overheads and infrastructure needs

ESOLPK's web-based application monitors and controls all the projects of a non-profit organization. This system can provide unique information about the performance of organization policies, programs and projects. It can identify what works, what does not, and also evaluates the reasons why a certain process does not work. Our M&E system also provides information about the performance of a non-profit organization, of individual departments and projects, of managers and their staff. It also provides information on the performance of donors which support the work of non-profit organizations. The reporting and analysis features of this system help in efficiency increment in current projects and forecasting future trends; promising better results ahead.


 Activities by NGO over different regions of operation can be monitored effectively. Manage users with simple easy to use interface.

 Reporting features make human efforts much focused towards organizational goals.

 Budget allocation and financial monitoring automation makes process of accounts handling more efficient and evaluate the reasons of variance between budget allocated and actual expenditure.

 Users can add useful information to be used for reporting and informational reasons.

 Evaluation of current projects and easy decision-making for future endeavors. The reports such as Key Insight report, Risk Analysis report, Financial report etc can be viewed for all the regions or a specific region.

 This system can also be integrated with the Enterprise Collaboration portal to provide a unique monitoring and collaborating solution.

Please visit for more details and demo of our Project Monitoring and Tracking System

Microsoft EPM Solution can support a standard approach in initiating and managing small, medium and large projects and programs in an NGO. The solution enhances the ability to achieve a defined process. Each project in the Project Server can have its own set of standard attributes, thus providing results with consistency and a regular set of information in which they can base their reports.


 Resource Capacity Management and Planning

 Improved visibility and collaboration among project teams

 Effective Leveraging of Existing Data

 Improved time tracking

 Better Estimation of Project Delivery

 Collaborate and coordinate easily

 Manage the entire project lifecycle

 Drive real return on investment

ESOLPK helps NGOs strategically position their technology assets to align with their business processes, thereby reducing cost and improving quality and ROI. We deliver ERP installations and upgrades that reflect our industry knowledge and experience. The financial, payroll and HR responsibilities in an NGO can be efficiently monitored using the Microsoft line of products.

ESOLPK offers a complete line of Microsoft Dynamics GP products designed to help NGOs implement the right ERP strategy for their business. Our solutions go beyond standard ERP implementations by leveraging client's resources and fulfilling business needs. Using this product, you can streamline human resource management and empower employees to manage their personal and work information from their browsers. Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP helps ensure control, compliance, and accuracy. The financial management functions help you reduce time spent on routine tasks. With tight integration between modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP, NGO administrators can enter data one time and provide accurate, real-time information throughout your financial solution. With ready access to mission-critical data, your financial solution becomes a powerful competitive tool that enhances decision-making.


Microsoft Dynamics GP frees you to focus on your purpose with specialized financial management capabilities that include:

 Interfund Accounting

Streamline and automate the transfer of balances between funds, eliminating the need to manually reconcile fund accounts.

 Control Account Management

Gain a detailed picture of your fi nancials by managing payables control accounts by reporting segments.

 Encumbrance Management

Maintain granular control over budget expenditures and monitor encumbered purchases from any point in time.


Enable employees to enter purchase requisitions online and track them as commitments against budgets.

 Grant Management

Manage grants proactively, help ensure accountability to sponsors, and maintain tight control over project and funding success.


Reduce administrative overheads, secure best value from key suppliers and achieve complete visibility of the cost pipeline. Powerful tools automate workflow, requisitions and orders, receipting, invoice registration & matching, and monitoring of internal supplies & stores management.

Please click here for detailed information on MS ERP solution for non-profits and NGOs.

For non-profit organizations that rely on IT, it is important to have a solution which helps manage the highly valuable and invested IT infrastructure. ESOLPK’s Infrastructure Management Solution, is a helpdesk and asset management product that provides helpdesk agents and IT managers an integrated console to monitor and maintain the assets and IT requests generated from the users of the IT resources in an organization. IT Service Providers that use ad-hoc systems, soon reach a point where they cannot manage the number of employees, customers and managed services contracts needed to sustain their operations.

The main focuses of the Infrastructure Management Solution is IT Request tracking and Asset Management. Using the main modules of application, the technicians and system administrators can resolve issues of complex nature and can also keep track of needs of the organization with the help of asset management and proactively allocate resources to the right user/departments.









 A robust, comprehensive and integrated solution

 Enable better decision making

 Provide more efficiency in servicing Customer demands, and bring in more transparency

 Extensive facility to access records and maximum benefit to online users

Our system supports a Non-profit organization's decision-making activities. It will help decision makers compile, manipulate and analyze useful information/reports from a large pool of raw information. ESOLPK has vast experience in deploying customized decision-making systems in various organizations involving huge amount of data coming in from different regions to a centralized place for analysis and reporting.


 Increases organizational control

 Speeds up problem solving while promoting learning/training

 Provides evidence in support of decision-making

 Analyze weak areas

A due diligence toolkit for healthcare industry. Our software suite is designed to optimize the performance of complex unit operations of healthcare units. It does so by using state-of-the-art technologies to improve overall hospital productivity.


Main Features:

 Resource Management

 Leadership and Good Governance

 Monitoring and Evaluation



 Capacity assessment and analytical reports to help maximize the output

 Analyze financial aspects of all treatment processes and budgetary utilization of resources to improve overall hospital efficiency

 Monitor and analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of all the departments and resources to attain optimization of returns

 Using benchmarks to improve healthcare management

Please check our software webpage for detailed information and case studies.

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