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Our technology solutions let you focus on key areas of concern. Our experience in the IT industry enabled us to develop innovative, complex and efficient solution to clients across the globe.


  Sarcham - Complete City Portal and Networking solution for Africa
Complete web Portal and networking solution

ESOLPK has designed and developed an information-rich portal for local residents, incoming tourists and the community at large, for all the states/cities of Nigeria, Africa. The website houses all information from local restaurants to hotels, entertainment spots and companies grouped in categories and sub-categories. The groupings have also been done by city and the businesses can claim listings if they are not registered on the website. Admin can also bulk-upload the companies/businesses by importing from an Excel format. There is an ability for businesses to add deals, and everything is handled through a secure admin panel. There is an ability for the admin to manage content of all the infoprmational pages using custom CMS. The website has also been integrated with Google map. Events can be created and added to the website, and only active events are visible to the end-user. Admin will be able to view all the reviews added by users and will be able to select "Review of the Day" to display on the Home Page daily.

The website has a user sign-up system. The website has four levels of users, including Super Admin, Admin, Company Representative and Registered User.

The admin can review and rate organizations and businesses. This portal also has some site ad spaces that allow potential customers to advertise textual, pictorial and flash-enabled advertisements. The company user will be able to update the information of his/her company. He/she can manage the photo gallery and other related information of their company. The registered site users can select/change their city before selecting their categories and they can write reviews and give stars based on experience of the business. There is also the feature of friends-invitation to join/write reviews.

The administrator of the website has control over users, companies, website content, advertisements, banners, categories/sub-categories, reviews and cities. The admin panel also has site statistics integration system and other administrative management for the website. Other features of this portal include search, email system and social networking integration. The web portal has been developed using ASP.NET and MS SQL Server technologies.

For further details about the project please visit

  Web based mobile application for ClickOVA

We provided extensive IT services to one of the leading USA based online companies ClickOVA LLC. We have developed a comprehensive web application for mobile phones and provided a new website with payment, admin control and scalability features. With the usage of this application, users get the best and most convenient solution to manage mobile media from the snap to the sharing, editing and printing on the web.

With usage of this application, user can backup the mobile phone contacts automatically, transfer pictures/videos to the internet, and share them with other people via Email, SMS, and RSS. All pictures and videos uploaded are accessible on any mobile phone via a personalized WAP page and on any computer via a private account on the website.

The admin area of this application includes user management section, password recovery mechanism, customer management section, stores management section, store templates management section, orders management section and dynamic content management. The public area mainly includes sign up/login form, editing panel, organize page, pictures uploading feature, shopping cart, dynamic content pages and password recovery.

For further details about the project please visit
  User Information Management Module for MBL

It's a User Information Management Module which stores the information of clients. The main task is to design the GUI, Database and perform the coding. This module will provide the detail information of storing of the clients in a database. The module will create access information for any customer, modify access information for any customer, view access information for any customer, delete access information for any customer, generate reports of access information for any customer & verify the access information for any customer

  Web based Online Photo Printing Store - Printaholics

It’s an online photo printing application developed by ESOLPK for Printaholics – our Dubai based client. This application is meant to materialize the business purpose of online photo printing. This application manages online photo printing options. This application also handles rich website contents along with payment, admin control and scalability modules.

It also consists of features like photos management area, administration side, store management area, supplier side, photos editing area, Aramex integration, content management area, bilingual support, newsletter, customer loyalty program and customer messages.

  4Pictures - Online Photo Store
4Pictures - Online Photo Store

CARE Netherlands has been responding with humanitarian aid and supplies to an unusual number of simultaneous, mostly weather-related emergencies around the world. They approached us for their IT needs for their website, that offers top quality professional photos of developing countries and development aid.

The client required an Online photo store, where photos can be priced as fix price or individual different prices. We incorporated the registration feature of photographers so that the photographers have platform to register, manage their profiles and upload their photos. In addition, a CMS was developed so that the photographers are able to customize their photos as and when desired. Visitors can register as a free member to use all website facilities and to be able to purchase photos.

  Rate Or Date - Dating website

ESOLPK has developed a popular dating site by the name of “Rate-or-Date” that brings together the people with similar taste. It had a high conversion rate with more than 65000 visitors coming to this site.

The technology incorporated in the development of this website was ASP and Flash. Different search criteria were set for users for searching the desired life mates. Other features included member login/ registration, rating the members, discussion forum, banner management system, newsletters, top girls/guys and instant messaging.

The site was awarded as the best dating site in the year 2003.

  Golf Universe Website
Golf Universe Webiste

This project is the design and development of new Golf website for a New based travel firm named A&J Marketing. The main features of the website are Top destinations having Course Guide and extensive Search feature. The create list faculty section from where people click on list and take them to golf courses page. There is also a Photo gallery area where users can upload images to scoreboard. The site is developed using SMARTY framework and has an extensive admin panel.

The important thing about the project is that the site uses two web services:

  1. Google Map (for showing the golf courses maps)
  2. api for the weekly weather information of the Golf Courses.
In addition, we have also developed the blog for our client. For further details about the project please visit
  Vacation Guide Central Website
Vacation Guide Central

This is one of the projects for New York based travel firm named A&J Marketing. This project involved the development of a dynamic travel website that acts as the best source for free travel vacation information. Developed using PHP/MySQL technologies, we have incorporated features like extensive search for new vacations, survey and research. It also has a feature to plan and book next vacation for users.

For further details about the project, please visit

  Terre Resort and SPA Website
Terre Hotel and SPA Website

Terre hotel and spa website is a complete flash website with exquisite look and feel. This website follows an easy navigation structure and is very user friendly. It works on multiple browsers and various platforms are designed to display the site’s text in multiple languages. It plays background music as well. The website displays information about property, events, packages, menus, activities, spa and also includes heavy multimedia content including videos. A reservation feature has also been incorporated so that users may make reservations with ease according to their need and availability.

About Terre Resort and SPA:

The Terre Resort and Spa have location from approximately five hectares of land adjacent to palm desert of Marrakech. They have blended everything at Earth, from the architecture to the cuisine, is an innovative blend of authentic and contemporary, allowing visitors to step in to the past and submerge in true morocco.

For further details, please visit

  Travel Promo
Travel Promo

This is a project of New York based travel firm named A&J Marketing. They required redesigning and redevelopment of their existing website. The redesigning sections of the web site include Home page, Vision, Product & Services, Clients, About us and Contact us page. The technologies used in development were PHP and MySQL.

For further details about the project, please visit the website
  Seating U: Web based Seat Reservation System
Seating U

Seating U Ltd. is the official provider of bleacher seating for the Calgary Stampede Foundation. We provided them comprehensive IT services for their seat reservation system.

This project was related to an online application for seat reservations for the parades held in American states. The website display information like date, time and duration of the parades and users can also make a reservation online. The visitors can also post their feedback to Seating U Ltd. through online feedback forms.

For further details about the project, please visit

  Complete Web Portal and Networking Solution for Riyadh city
Complete web Portal and networking solution

Orientec Group is a group of companies engaged in diverse IT businesses with wide line of services and an unmatched reputation in the Middle East market. Based in Saudi Arabia, Orientec has acquired ESOLPK’s servicers for the implementation of a first working ground web-portal and complete web solution for Riyadh city. As per their requirements, we developed “Riyad24” web portal.

It is service type portal. Different companies can register and can get feedback from their clients on this site. It has main three panels; namely Admin, Company and Public. In admin panel, the administrator manages all tasks relevant to that portal. In company panel, only authenticated user can update the profile and services of his company. Public panel is for visitor or general users as they can only visit the site.

The companies can register for their respective commercial categories. The companies can manage their personal pages, maps, videos and other content very easily. Public users can rate other companies and also give comments. This portal includes extensive features of search, weather information, map information, prayer timings, Al-Riyadh news, merchandise, business listing, jobs, polls, ads manager, photo gallery/videos, feedbacks, top 5 categories, travel & tourism, accommodation, shopping & dining and up-coming events calendar.

Technologies deployed in making this portal are Microsoft .Net 2008 / SQL Server 2005. For further details, please visit the website:
  E-commerce Application: E-Clothing
E-commerce Application

E-Clothing is a complete web e-commerce application especially showcasing unique dresses for interested buyers. It’s a web 2.0 type of community/e-commerce website for the apparel industry. We provided the service of complete website design, customized shopping cart, member register/login and payment procedure in this web application. A tracking system and a process manager has also been introduced in this application.

There is also a process where customers can view items awaiting manufacture. The designer, who already has manufactured items to be sold, can place items for sale in an “In-stock” collection. Through the administrative section, the content can be updated and deleted as required. Users can create their own profile including likes, dislikes and favorites, etc.

In addition, online discussion between designer and customers can also be done. For further details about the project, please visit the website: E-Clothing

  Web Application for Every Contractor
Web Application

Founded in 1998 and incorporated in 2000, is a progressive media and marketing company that connects millions of residential and commercial customers with professionals worldwide.

ESOLPK outsourced two .NET professionals for modules development for the web application. Modules developed for this project include Customer Profile and Supplier Products. Besides this, ongoing website maintenance work was also included as part of the project.

For further details, please visit:
  Golf Promo: Marketing solutions for the golf industry
Marketing solutions for the golf industry

This is a project of New York based travel firm named A&J Marketing. They specialize in interactive marketing solutions for the golf industry and we provided our services for their requirements of an eye-catchy online presence. We have designed and developed this website keeping in view the perspectives and objectives of a full-service integrated marketing company and how to present their services. This website has been developed in PHP and MySQL. Content Management System (CMS) has been made at back end of this website, providing a strong admin panel.

For further details, please visit:

  Auction Web Application tool development
Marketing solutions for the golf industry

One of our clients had their own customers having eBay stores. Our client wanted a system to list the items of their customers automatically in an auction website. There was a need of a tool to collect the data from the eBay auction site or information from eBay RSS feed and post it in our client's auction site. Additionally, if an item is sold on eBay, an API needed to notify this auction website that the item was sold and delete the auction, or reduce the quantities accordingly.

ESOLPK used PHP libraries to get data from eBay using Store ID, and successfully completed this project.

For further details about the project, please visit the website

  Chic Channel: Multilingual website for TV channel

It is basically a website for TV channel that facilitates people to watch the videos/episodes of their favorite fashion TV shows through internet. The users can get registered to this website and can recommend specific video or share it to the social networks like Facebook/Twitter and others. A user can even register through his/her social network accounts without creating any new account on this site.
This site is in Thai and English languages and has been developed using CakePHP framework. Right now, it’s running successfully across Thailand and fashion industry of entire world.



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"Care international would like to thank ESOLPK for rendering its services for the development of our official website. The quality of service and the final product deserves much appreciation. We look forward towards working together in partnership with you in our future endeavorse..."

Atfah Pervez-Program Officer
Program Officer
CARE International, Pakistan

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