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Information technology brings major changes in the healthcare industry. New and advanced technology based solutions are beneficial both for the patients as well as the health care service provider.

ESOLPK help healthcare organizations transform their conventional system to adapt to changing market needs. We help health care companies expand and grow their business by implementing best class solutions to further accelerate their productivity.

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  Nisyma – Clinical Documentation System
Clinical Documentation System

The application is designed for Pharmacists to document and monitor their clinical activities, and medication reactions quickly and easily via Internet. Pharmacy managers can run detailed reports to identify, trends in clinical activity acceptance, time spent doing clinical activities, and unnecessary treatment cost.

This application is highly scalable and saves time and has the ability to improve patient care with ongoing follow up, developing management reports of aggregate clinical activities. This increases productivity of staff and manager, increase credibility of pharmacy numbers in the eyes of administrator and most importantly reduces the time documenting pharmacy clinical activities. This application can be used by multiple pharmacists simultaneously. The technology used to develop the application is PHP/MySQL.

Features of Nisyma Clinical Documentation System:

  • Shared ability to monitor and follow up of previously documented patients' clinical events
  • Easy data entry using drop down lists and also have the ability to upload data by end users
  • Real-time management reporting and trending using different types of graphs, as well as the ability to export the data.
  • Search Feature
  • Generate Reports on different parameters
  • Standardization ready.
  • All dropdown lists are customizable and controllable
  • Secure Application
  • RSS feeds have also been incorporated
  • Admin can manage Patients, Pharmacists, Audience, Frequency, Diagnosis, Outcomes, Order Provider, Drugs, Doctors, Medical Services, Pharmacist, Potential Problem, Facilities, Interventions and Clinical Category

For more information on project, visit the Informational Website of the project.

  Hospital Management System for ASTC (Abu Saleem Trauma Centre)
Hospital Management System

A solution was required to create a paperless environment in the Abu Saleem Trauma Centre, where all the departments like Reception, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Doctors’ Offices, Financials, Inventory and X-Ray department of the hospital would be interconnected for the better management of patients’ information.

ESOLPK created a seamlessly integrated Windows-based application as per requirements of the client, which completely automates and integrates the Hospital’s entire business process. This Enterprise Hospital Management System caters to specific Administrative, Support, Clinical and Financial departments in the large Hospitals.

View Demo

  Dr. SIR - Efficiency Measurement toolkit for Healthcare

Dr-SIR is a research based product which has been developed into an “expert computer software system” to be utilized in hospital setups and other healthcare delivery systems. This research product has been developed on the basis of a research study conducted in major teaching and general hospitals. A total of 104 professors and senior specialists (who had specialized in various fields of medicine, surgery) and diagnostics from USA, UK, Japan and EU placed at leadership and supervisory positions were involved in benchmarking. 

Dr-SIR quantifies in statistical terms on a unified scale (Work Units) - the professional services being rendered in a hospital setup by all categories of professionals. It calculates the optimum capacity of “Work Unit generation” as against what has actually been generated. And then it analyzes the reasons of ‘Why’ both for negative and positive variances. This analysis can be done for the whole hospital, for a particular department with in the hospital or for any individual in a department. 

Dr-SIR is created by ESOLPK, and separate teams of professionals are working on it on ongoing basis. The teams consist of the following:

  • DR-SIR is deployed in 7-8 hospitals so a team of developers are working on the product updates on daily basis 
  • A support team is providing support to the customers of Dr-SIR 
  • Helpdesk team is providing services to visitors and customers 24 hours a day.
For further details, please visit
  Pharmaceutical E-Commerce Website - PolyPill
Pharmaceutical E-Commerce Website – PolyPill

Being privileged to achieve a project of website development from Compound Medications Advertising Group LLC, ESOLPK has successfully launched pharmaceutical E-commerce website The huge project is comprised of website design and development along with features like Shipping APIs (UPS, USPS, FedEx) Integration to the system, and Integration of Interfax to the system, enabling the users to send and recieve fax into the application.

Polypill, a trademark by Compound Medications advertising Group, LLC, provides customized approach to heart medications. Since millions of Americans suffer from heart disease and are forced to take multiple medicines for their treatment; Polypill heart compound eliminates this stress and confusion because it delivers customized heart medicines into one easy to take step.

This web application also has order placement from the patient and request to be received by the respective physician of that patient. The physician would have the authority to approve or deny the order before it goes to the pharmacy for fulfillment. The website has an Affiliate side, a Pharmacy side, and separate dashboards for customers and doctors. This website is PCI complaint. The solution uses PHP / MySQL technologies.

Please visit for more information.

  Survey Application for MHA (Massachusetts Hospital Association)
Survey Application for MHA  (Massachusetts Hospital Association)

The Massachusetts Hospital Association (MHA) is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization comprised of hospitals and health systems, related organizations, and other members with a common interest in promoting the health of the people of the Commonwealth. For many years, they used to take a survey using Excel spreadsheets for data collection and an Access database for reporting. At this point, about 100’s of hospitals from Massachusetts participate in the survey.  

We, at ESOLPK, automated their whole survey system by developing a web based online compensation survey application for the hospital industry. Now, through this web based system, all the states can easily participate in this survey. We provided highest level of data security in deployment of this survey application. We are also providing them support on ongoing basis to run and manage the surveys.

A team of highly dedicated professionals, with responsibilities as mentioned below, are sitting in ESOLPK premises and working for MHA: 

  • Team is running and managing the survey on monthly and yearly basis.
  • Professionals are updating the application on weekly basis. 

Please visit for more information.

  myMDCentral: Doctors' Office Automation System
myMDCentral: Doctors' Office Automation System

Bravium Inc. is a large health care organization in USA. They wanted to automate the Doctor’s office that should help in creating paperless environment in the office. The brief objective and goal of this project was to allow electronic files to be shared by many resources such as hospitals, labs, doctor’s office, insurance, employment and any other application.

For this purpose, ESOLPK provided a full team to Bravium Inc. to develop a desktop and web based system for them namely “myMDCentral”. myMDCentral consists of two versions: web based and windows based. It is HIPPA and HL7 compliant. The technology used in the deployment of myMDCentral is ASP.NET and SQL Server.

Designed from the ground up keeping in mind various needs of a health care facility at an affordable all inclusive price, myMDCEntral EHR is an all-in-one system including practice management, document management, medical records, and an ASP version. myMDcentral also includes biometric secure login.

Patient can update demographic, insurance information, request proscription refill, or schedule an appointment at the privacy of his home. Patient can also save demographic, medication, physician contact, allergies information to a USB thumb drive to carry with him. This information can be life saving in emergency situation.

Professionals are working and providing excellent services to client on ongoing basis. The team consists of following members:

  • Project Manager for team monitoring and client communication
  • Team of dedicated developers – They are working on the system development and updating on daily basis
  • Graphic Designer
  • QA team for modifications and testing
  • Support Professionals to listen to the customers’ suggestions and send them to developer’s team for implementation

myMDcentral prides itself helping healthcare providers make the move from paper based system to an affordable and robust electronic health record system. The software provides a robust, comprehensive and integrated solution covering all tasks that would enable better decision making, provide more efficiency in servicing customer demands, and bring in more transparency.

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"My Experience with EsolPK has been outstanding. They are professional, responsive, and genuinely interested in seeing you satisfied with the project. The account managers and project managers really take the time to understand your wants and needs and they go the extra mile to make the project a success. I would highly recommend EsolPK without hesitation..."

Gerry Plante | Massachusetts Hospital Association | USA

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