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Customer Testimonials
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Customer Testimonials

Client's feedback provides major source to ensure the viability and creditability of a service provider. The feedbacks by our clients are rich enough to portray our skills, capabilities and our attitude towards work.

We will ensue with same commitment and dedication to maintain high-quality credit rating in eyes of our clients. We DO NOT make promises which we cannot keep. We are experts in area of development and we do love our work.

"Project was completed exactly as agreed. There were slight delays to unforeseen technical issues. This cannot be blamed on ESOLPK. Just took more time than we had originally thought. No trouble at all. Exact price quoted was the final price. ESOLPK was very helpful and even took care of some additional issues above and beyond the agreed upon work. Highly recommend them for their professional and top notch services."

- Corey Robert | Black Card Marketing Group | Canada

"This company is very knowledgeable in website design."

- Kierte Amate | Nisyma Technologies | Ellicott City, Maryland, USA

"ESOLPK, tackled a project that is like no other and did exactly as asked and always had a positive and helpful attitude throughout this daunting process."

- Mark Blake | Compound Medications Advertising Group LLC.

"A challenging task to convert from completion to post work on this extremely robust website. I had their work independently reviewed and the expert reported that their work was amazing."

- Mark Blake | Compound Medications Advertising Group LLC.

"This job was significantly more difficult than originally envisioned and ESOLPK diligently proceeded with the utmost professionalism."

- Mark Blake | Compound Medications Advertising Group LLC.

"I retained a third party to review this challenging project and his independent report is that they did an very good job and with some minor adjustments, he will change his opinion to an amazing project."

- Mark Blake | Compound Medications Advertising Group LLC.

"Esolpk has done a fine job creating a first class product."

- Mark Blake | Compound Medications Advertising Group LLC.

"ESOLPK has proven to be very capable and they are clearly committed to our project. They are a pleasure to work with and never hesitate put in the extra hours when necessary. On occasion, they have shown limited experience with some common third party APIs which have caused progress to slow but this is where their added effort shows. They get the job done and the website's appearance and function is world class."

- Mark Blake | Compound Medications Advertising Group LLC.

"ESOLPK is an outstanding website development company. The developers are kind and have no problem putting extra hours when necessary. There are some minor spelling issues. There are also times when progress did slow but this is likely due to the flood of changes that we have thrown them. All in all, they are outstanding and I would recommend them for virtually any website project."

- Mark Blake | Compound Medications Advertising Group LLC.

"Very experienced developer - Would hire again."

- Ingo Schaer | Customer Service Manager | Interior Deluxe | USA

"My first project with ESOLPK was a pleasure. It was done on-time, accurately and to high standards. Communication was excellent, the team worked together well and the project was completed to full satisfaction. We look forward to working with them again."

- Matt Mrowicki | President | Impression Technologies LLC. | USA

"ESOLPK have great tenacity to keep going with a job until completion. Thank you. The reason I have given them 4 out of 5 for "quality of work" is because I would like to use them again before I give 5 out of 5. They did everything as asked. They held to budget 100%, easy to contact, listened to my requests and kept going with a small tricky project that some might have left."

- Benji Leggate | Margaret River Guide | Australia

"ESOLPK really worked very hard at creating something from an idea that is completely new. They are a pleasure to work with and completely professional in all regards. Once we were able to ramp up and get past the learning curve the progress has been steady. In order for a project of this magnitude to work, you must be willing to work as hard as ESOLPK does and stay on top of things. This project was extremely complex and they did it. Thank you ESOLPK. "

- Mark Blake | Compound Medications Advertising Group LLC.

"Very professional team who are both easy to contact and deal with. They provided me with advice and ideas for my project that I had not considered myself, which lead to a better end result. They were always willing to implement my feedback to ensure the final result matched my requirements. A pleasure to work with. I will definitely do business with ESOLPK again."

- Tyron Cleine | Find a Financial Planner | Australia

"As always, ESOLPK has done exceptional work in improving our software's functionality. Thanks much, we look forward to our next project together."

- Zaid Jamal | Sawaab Publishing, Inc. | USA

"I was in need of a reliable software developing company to help me further the goals of my business. After choosing ESOLPK, I can say that I am very happy with the result! From software developing to content management, they know what they are doing, but I was most impressed with the quality in communication. It made the process go by in a very seamless and professional manner. I would definitely hire them again."

- Zaid Jamal | Sawaab Publishing, Inc. | USA

"Our need was to migrate our software to a reliable company that could help us manage and update it with new features on a Longterm basis. ESOLPK addressed that need and I was immediately set up with my own dedicated project manager, Khawar, who was available and ready to help. Best of all he and his team were receptive to everyone of my requests and provided solutions to improve our ideas even more. I look forward to working with ESOLPK for our software-related needs in the future. Thanks much!"

- Zaid Jamal | Sawaab Publishing, Inc. | USA

"This company did a very good job helping me build my website from scratch in Wordpress. They fixed every problem that came up and did so in a good time frame. I would definitely recommend this company, the responsiveness when I asked a question or made a comment averaged within the same day. Great job everyone."

- Chad Gergely | Imperium Investments Inc.

"Once again, we are very impressed with ESOL-PK's professionalism and client dedication. We can always rely on their assurance and commitment to total client satisfaction. ESOL-PK's 5 star technical expertise is at par with their sincerity and respect for your business and time. The finest Elance provider around. Never a dull moment with them because they deliver the best results. Thank you, ESOL-PK."

- Shanesia Winston | Savvy Business Makers, LLC.

"ESOL-PK is a classic 5-star provider at all areas of appraisal. Consistent, on time and accurate. Staff assigned to our project is are highly skilled and patient men who work effectively as a team to get us going, no matter how many times we have changed our minds about a certain component or functionality. They are very respectful, courteous and always readily available to attend to your needs. So very easy to work with as professionals. Highly recommendable and we definitely shall be repeat ESOL-PK clients for a long time."

- Shanesia Winston | Savvy Business Makers, LLC.

"Very good and quick results with SEO work."

- Rick Kranz | OverGo Studio, Inc.

"Team communicated well and was dedicated to the success of the project."

- Max Bertola | President | Park City Independant

"My project had been stalled for many months until I could find the right provider......things are running smoothly now with this provider, I am very pleased with the results. This provider is very professional, returns all my emails in a very prompt manner, completes all tasks I may request. I was concerned at first about the time different between us but it turned out not to be an issue......I will continue to work with this provider and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."

- Maria Boutiliar |

"I have worked with ESOLPK team for more than 02 years. Their skills, devotion, reliability, follow-up and competence are nothing short of outstanding. We have noticed expert knowledge of MS Dynamics GP technology with hardware and software, while they set up a complete Financial Management Module for us. This solution helped us deliver highly relevant and value added services and products to our businesses in a very cost effective manner.

ESOLPK has played a significant part in the automation of our entire financial system, resulting in the swift management of our business. We were facing trouble in handling the invoices, payments and keeping the records for a whole community. ESOLPK's expert team brought together our fragmented operations in order to align with our business processes. This resulted in quick processing of information and swift management of daily financial transactions. Their solution resulted in automation of our daily operations of Account Management, General Ledger/Members Ledger, Plots Record Management and Receivables Management etc. Most significantly, the record keeping of data of past 2 decades was a real trouble. ESOLPK team set up the infrastructure so skillfully that these records were managed without any further hassle.

ESOLPK has expertise that has enabled us to easily share information amongst our staff, to increase productivity, and provide a transparent environment. The frustrated environment in our office has changed to a positive one due to this automation operation. Moreover, while working with them, we felt more secure knowing that they truly value our data and security as if it were their own.

I highly recommend them and look forward to an expansion of our relationship with ESOLPK Team."

- Hafiz Ahmed Zulqurnain | Manager Finance | Cabinet Division Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Islamabad, Pakistan

"We are delighted to offer ESOLPK a testimonial! Absolutely fabulous.............quality so professional. They get the job done on time, on budget and on strategy. Friendly staff who are all easy to deal with and know our requirements very well......In short, they don't just go the extra mile, but much, much further. So, we wouldn't hesitate recommending ESOLPK to everyone we know."

- Taskeen Fatima | Supervisor | Active Claims (UK) Ltd.

"All the people I worked with on this project were very nice professional and accommodating. We had problems with getting the project started and as a result our account had to be replaced. As a result we had to basically start all over and our assumption that the job requirements and specifications had been properly communicated to the new team were wrong. We struggled getting back on track for a while, which cause even more delays. In the end, I will say that everyone tried hard and worked with us to finally get the job done and we are happy with the result. It is exactly what we wanted and are please with the quality No one is ever perfect and I will chalk this experience up to an unfortunate staffing issue. As the quality of the end product was very good and the organization tried hard to recover after the incident I would recommend them and would consider using them again in the future. They are good and they do care."

- Jeff Galindo| Senior Vice President | NewHomeStar

"Mr. Khawar Abbas and the rest of his team have delivered an outstanding performance with a degree of professionalism unmatched by any other developer in my experience. They are expedient and show clear commitment to the project above all else. Further, our team has submitted dozens of changes through the development process and ESOLPK responds by simply working harder - it is very refreshing. For these reasons and many more,I highly recommend ESOLPK for projects of virtually any scale and complexity"

- Mark Blake | Compound Medications Advertising Group LLC.

"ESOLPK has done an excellent job for me so far and have been very enjoyable to work with. They are professional and extremely competent. We plan to continue using their services for our drupal site. "

- Cedar Kelly | Avatar Health Alliance

"E-Solutions Pakistan (esolpk) have simply gone above and beyond in terms of customer satisfaction. They have persisted until the job is done thoroughly. Their professionalism and daily responsiveness have been exceptional. Looking forward to working with them for years to come. Kudos to Imran, Aun, and Shehzad. "

- Michael Beddows | VenturePods

"ESOLPK are very professional and responsive. They have creative suggestions for improving web marketing and performance and are very pleasant to work with. It is obviously a real team effort and I would highly recommend them."

- Serenella | Toscana Mia

"This is an excellent company. The programmer that we got was extremely professional and efficient. They were more timely than me. The site came out great and we are going to use them again in the future."

- Creag Harry | CEO | iMac Insurance Group

"Electronic Solutions Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. developed the website of Universal Service Fund ( Our experience of working with ESOLPK Pvt. Ltd. has been very pleasant. They have very skilled and efficient staff which always carries out responsibilities in a prompt manner. In addition to this, the technical capabilities of ESOLPK are also commendable. Their employees understand the requirements of the client, and their product is always in accordance with those needs. Even after completion of the project of developing website for USF, they have always offered as much help and support as they can for managing the site.

We wish ESOLPK all the best for its future projects and hope that they will continue to provide such high standard services to their clients."

- Naushin Masaud | Manager-Communication | Universal Service Fund

"Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) hired the services of ESOLPK to develop the website for HSF Pakistan/Afghanistan office. The decision was taken due to profound reputation of ESOLPK in developing high quality websites. ESOLPK has lived up to its reputation in developing our website.

During the process of development we were constantly provided with complete support, our problems were appropriated treated and seriously considered as per our requirement. The end result was a website that is a conspicuous evidence of diligence and professionalism of ESOLPK.

ESOLPK assigned a talented and professional team. The team was cooperative and available, came up with easy and quick solutions for our problems.

Hanns Seidel Foundation is highly satisfied with the outcome and the endeavor with ESOLPK to develop its website."

- Richard Asbeck, Resident Representative, Hanns Seidel Foundation, Pakistan/Afghanistan

"It was great working with ESolPK team who not only showed professionalism in every aspect of project development, but were also very responsive and accommodating in every request that we had."
Saks Ishrat

“My Experience with EsolPK has been outstanding. They are professional, responsive, and genuinely interested in seeing you satisfied with the project. The account managers and project managers really take the time to understand your wants and needs and they go the extra mile to make the project a success. I would highly recommend EsolPK without hesitation.”
- Gerry Plante, Massachusetts Hospital Association

“Great provider to work with. Did awesome job while working on complicated project. Very good communication. We will definitely like to carry on business with them again in the future”
- Mark Thurman,

“ESOLPK has done an outstanding job while developing our website ESOLPK team have worked very closely with us on putting together this great site, the site was completed on a timely basis and exceeded my expectations. We look forward to work on more projects with ESOLPK Pvt. Ltd”.
- Alex Bruni, A&J Marketing Inc

“I really can't say enough good things about this company. This has been my best outsource experience to date of at least 10 companies in 5 countries. ESOLPK has the staff, processes, talent and professional corporate culture to get your work done worry free. I plan on jettisoning most of my other outsources.”
- David D. Hadden, TheraSim

"ESOLPK has always delivered on their projects on budget and in time. I have been exceptionally impressed by the level of expertise and dedication ESOLPK has shown to my projects..."
- Ritchie Fung, CEO, Conrich Group of Companies, Canada

When advertising my project on ELANCE I got about 10 quotations with ESOLPK being among the most expensive and I wondered why. I started digging…. I checked their reputation and found out that all their customers are more than happy with the work done I also found out they’re ISO certified, giving me the guarantee that they are organized and customer oriented. ESOLPK is not a money business. They go for the ultimate customer satisfaction and that is what you need.
- Camille Fontijn, Marketing Manager, CARE Nederlan

The ESOLPK team demonstrated good project management, requirement analysis, and graphical techniques while developing the websites. The team was cooperative and accessible, came up with easy and quick solution, and made sure the progress of a technical project is continuously assessed. The team also went the extra steps necessary to be sure that the staff actually staffed with maintaining the sites could do so confidently and without supervision. They were quick to troubleshoot and accommodating to requests for adjustments.
- Project Director, USAlD Pakistan Legislative Strengthening Project

"Because of the diligent work and constant communication and updates from your development team with us throughout the development process, we are fully competent in your team's abilities to deliver the product to spec and we understand that delays are inevitable in a project of any scale due to unforeseen issues..."
-Ryan McClellan,

"It is in reference to the assignment of making website for our organization. The website you made is undoubtedly is such an endeavor of your professional team which needs all kinds of appreciation.  Though it was our first business deal , yet we foresee long– lasting relationship with you in future as well. Last but not the least , we request you to in clued our name as your client in your already existing client list this name will be displayed in the website of ESOLPK as well..."
- Shahzad Ahmed Khan, Assistant Manager Marketing, Amrat Beverages




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"ESOLPK has always delivered on their projects on budget and in time. I have been exceptionally impressed by the level of expertise and dedication ESOLPK has shown to my projects..."

Ritchie Fung
CEO,  Conrich Group of Companies, Canada

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